Turmeric: The World’s Gold Spice and an Easy Way to Consume It

As its yellow to golden color, turmeric really brings a bright side to our wellness. Its benefits to our brain, digestive organ, as well as for glowing our skin clearly make it to deserve a recognition as “a gold spice”.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is native plant to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. With its yellow color, turmeric is used as coloring and flavoring to many dishes in many Asian countries, such as Curry (India), Soto (Indonesia), and Biryani Rice (Middle Eastern). Turmerichas earthy, pungent, and mustard-like aroma, as well as its flavor that somewhat bitter. Not only for food or dye coloring, but turmeric powder is also used in a big event like Bhandara Festival in Jejuri, India. It is a faith and belief celebration where the devotees come to the Khandoba Temple to seek blessing and worshipLord Khandoba. What makes this festival so unique is the turmeric that used by the devotees can turn the entire town a golden yellow.

Turmeric vs Curcumin

Turmeric and curcumin have medicinal properties that give a number of health benefits. Both turmeric and curcumin can reduce joint inflammation, cholesterol, blood sugar, as well as tumor, fungal and bacterial growth. People may still confuse how to differentiate between turmeric and curcumin. However, physically, turmeric comes from the root of a plant which is scientifically known as Curcuma Longa. Maybe this is why we still think that turmeric and curcumin are different, but that's probably where turmeric gets its name as curcumin. Moreover, turmeric is a great source of curcumin because it typically contains about 2 to 5% of curcumin and belongs to a family of chemicals that are known as curcuminoid which contributes bright yellow color.

Benefits of Consuming Turmeric

Aside from its bright yellow like a sunshine, turmeric has active compounds that have many scientifically-proven health benefits for body and brain. Therefore, these following info are some other effects when you consume turmeric:

1. Markedly Enhances the Antioxidant Capacity of the Body

Smoke from cigarette or industrial pollution are the cause of free radicals that can damage against our body, such as messing fats, protein, even DNA. It could lead us to several diseases including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. To protect us from that, we need antioxidant sources to play a role in fighting against the free radical damage. With its antioxidant-rich, turmeric can neutralize by delivering a one-two punch against free radicals then boosts the activity of our body’s own antioxidant enzymes.

2. Might Prevent and Against Any Type of Cancers

Anti-inflammatory compounds such as turmeric may play a role in treating and preventing a variety of cancer types. Curcumin on turmeric has been studied as a beneficial herb in cancer treatment and been found to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Even though the research about curcumin is still ongoing, however the study is very promising to make turmeric as potent treatment for against and preventing the cancer.

3. Might Prevent and Threat Alzheimer’s Disease

Inflammation and oxidative damage can lead human to have Alzheimer’s disease that become the most common neurodegenerative disease in the world. To prevent and treat the disease, the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant content are obviously needed. Therefore, turmeric can play a role to help us against the Alzheimer or any other brain diseases because its nutrients can help delay or reverse brain degeneration which brain disorders like Alzheimer’s commonly are associated with lower levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), hence turmeric can increase the level of it to keep nerve cells (neurons) healthy.

3. Might Affect Our Mood and Working Memory

As it is helping brain disorders like Alzheimer, further benefits of consuming turmeric is to help uplift mood and increase working memory system. A study has proven that a flavonoid content isolated from turmeric affects several processes in improving working memory and reduced fatigue and stress reactivity in a healthy older cohort.Eighty participants aged 50-80 years were randomized to receive400 mg daily containing 80 mg curcumin or a matching placebo. Outcome measures included cognitive performance, mood and biomarkers. Compared with placebo, curcumin was associated with several significant effects. Cause of its significant elevation blood glucose, the results confirmed that curcumin improves aspects of mood and working memory in a healthy older cohort.

4. Might Help Ease Depression

Regarding to a small study that gather 60 people with depressive disorder that divided into three groups, the group that has been provided one gram of curcumin for 6 weeks, indicated an improvement that similar to those group which are given a treatment by pharmacy drugs. Therefore, turmeric is as effective as an antidepressant medicine.

5. Can be an Anti-Aging Treatment and Increase Skin Health

Free radicals are not only causing some damages to our body inside, but also on the outside, like our skin. With its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, turmeric possibly become successful treatment for various skin conditions, including photoaging, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.As results, curcumin inside turmeric straightforwardly influence healthy skin towards longevity.

How to Consume Turmeric?

The simplest recipe to consume turmeric is Turmeric Latte. As its popularity these days, Turmeric Latte is also known as “Golden Milk”. Only need 3 minutes process, this Golden Milk can be next choice to boost your energy. So, here is step by step to get you a delightful healthy turmeric latte:


· 2 cups of oat milk or unsweetened almond milk (fresh milk for non-vegan)

· 1 teaspoon of turmeric

· 1 teaspoon of honey (or coconut syrup for vegan)

· 1 cinnamon stick or ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

· A small pinch of ground or fresh ginger

· 3 cardamom pods

· ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

· A small pinch of pepper

Cooking Process:

1. Prepare small pot and heat it on low temperature.

2. Add the milk, turmeric, cinnamon stick (or ground cinnamon), cardamon pods, fresh or ground ginger, vanilla extract, honey or coconut syrup, and pepper. Stir frequently for 3 minutes until the milk is warm (not boiling).

3. Remove from heat and strain the milk with a strainer or small colander. If you use cinnamon stick, reuse it for another recipe.

4. Add more honey or coconut syrup for taste (if needed).

As its yellow to golden color, turmeric really brings a bright side to our wellness. Its benefits to our brain, digestive organ, as well as for glowing our skin clearly make it to deserve a recognition as “gold spices” because it has high number of benefits just like gold as the highest atomic number elements in the world. So, are you ready to be gold as turmeric does?

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