The Calming Effect Of A Mindful Wardrobe

With a curated mindful clothes option you have in your closet, calmness, and happiness will be upon you. You feel less stress, and you are able to enjoy life more

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A mindful lifestyle has become a huge consideration for today’s society. People start to realize how important it is to know themselves deeper by carrying out such a concept. However, it is not just a concept, but more like a mindset we should keep up, in order to maintain a durable and genuine lifestyle. Consequently, it allows us to make a big discovery about ourselves that we never had before.

In PRISÉ Lifestyle, we talk about several categories including the Mindful Wardrobe, of which you can comprehend what clothes really represent you and which one will be the most comfortable. We have talked about it in our previous blog posts and you can even download our free resource here about how to curate your personal mindful wardrobe. Here are the four points that will give you a major calming effect when applying a Mindful Wardrobe. Let’s check them out!

You feel relieved and peaceful, knowing that you always have something to wear

Do you remember a moment when you feel worried about your look when you go to work or meeting an important client? Or that uncertain feeling whether or not you look good when attending your colleague’s wedding reception? Or having to take two hours standing in front of your closet and start to think that you don’t have the right clothes to wear to an important event you are so excited about?

These feelings encourage you to think that you always need more and more. It would likely end up with another mindless new clothes purchase in order to feel secure that you will look good next time you attend an important event, and such a habit will extremely never be over.

With a mindful wardrobe, it points to an ideal mindset to remind you that something to wear should be something your love hence you know that all the clothes that live in your wardrobe are something you really adore and feel comfortable with. You can simply put together any kind of style you found interesting.

Keep in mind that there is a reason why you adore a certain style or look. It might be a clue of who you truly are or who you desire to be. Be attentive to a certain style that attracts you and start to curate your wardrobe accordingly. A curated mindful wardrobe enables you to freely mix and match one item with another, one colour with another, basically any look that engages you and makes you feel your best.

In sum, you feel happy about it because you successfully have created your own style. With a mindful wardrobe, you will always have something to wear and you definitely can find something to mix and match. This sense of security helps you to maintain your self-confidence whenever and wherever you are. Happiness and joy are also around you after all.

If you need any guidance on how to curate your mindful wardrobe. Download our FREE Mindful Wardrobe Workbook to help you get started with it.

You feel calm and happy when you look at your wardrobe

Have you ever experienced a moment where you feel stressed out by watching your closet with a full amount of clothes, moreover with an awful organization?

Herein the mindful wardrobe, the more you toss the unnecessary clothes or fashion items, the better closet you will have and to stare at. Additionally, you can tidy up way easier than before. Therefore, with curated mindful clothes option you have in your closet, calmness, and happiness will be upon you. You feel less stress, and you are able to enjoy life more. Because what you wear is what you truly love. When you love your clothes, comfortable comes along easily. And when you feel so, you become more of who you are, and your beauty is coming from the inner side of yourself.

Your wardrobe represents you

You are who you are when you can show the world that a confidence coats you when you wear something you love. Whether you prefer wearing a knit sweater with ankle boots, or a pair of stiletto with a pencil skirt, and a crisp shirt with chain-look earrings, it is all about what you feel most comfortable wearing. What you are wearing represents the version of you that everyone sees.

Even more, when you intend to start curating your own mindful wardrobe, this experience will take you to a deeper self-discovery. Once you have a curated mindful wardrobe, you will be definitely confident in doing any daily activities; meeting clients, catching up with some best friends, dinner with family, or just monthly grocery shopping or jogging in the park.

A wardrobe is not just about about the clothes you’re wearing but also determines your personality and represents your own personal branding. Of which, it helps you to enhance your personal value and identity. When you feel comfortable with what you wear, you eventually “find the real you” and your mood is just well-maintained everyday hence you can be more productive in your daily life.

Free your mind by curating your wardrobe

The 2020 lockdown has taught us to make a reflection on our personality traits or professional stuff. Have you ever considered to contemplate on the quality of your wardrobe?

We often think that we don’t have anything to wear when we have occasion and yet forget where we store our dresses and any other accessories in our closet. Too many reasons to start complaining. Let’s just step forward and making a change.

Free your mind by carrying out wardrobe curation. You can start with a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe does not only help you to categorize clothes by season, but also prioritize the fashion code you will steadily wear. When one item doesn’t meet your code, just eliminate it right away. When you no longer feel a connection to your sneakers, toss it anyway.

In the end, you need only several items to wear. With a minimalist wardrobe, you can live more minimalist too. Of that, you will always know what you want to wear and later you can memorize easily where clothes you put. Bonus, your closet will exactly look well-organized and simpler than ever.

Because by curating a mindful wardrobe, you will be able to free up your mind. You will no longer bound to any particular fashion style that never represents yourself, thus you recognize yourself more and always seek something simple and necessary.

Just remember, a mindful wardrobe is about making quality a priority, not the quantity. Your style is not about the number of clothes you own, it is about being yourself, which is more important than anything.

Because your self-confidence is all that matters and happiness needs to be your number one priority after all. As result, you will be satisfied and happy about what you wear. Your personality will be represented by your own style and your style represents your personal branding.

By setting up a mindful wardrobe, you have a mindset of longevity.

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