Mindful Wardrobe vs. Capsule Wardrobe: The Difference and Why It Matters

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

While a capsule wardrobe is a collection of outfits that can be mixed and matched together,

a mindful wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe with a purpose.

The Mindful Wardrobe: Meaning, Benefits, and Tips To Creating One

As a working-class woman who has to work most days of the week, putting outfits together every morning can be a challenge. After putting together stylish outfits for a few months, you might get tired and find yourself repeating your staple outfits with little care for style or fashion. While this is understandable, the constant repetition of outfits only emphasizes the functional side, depriving you of the contentment and self-confidence that the right clothes can bring –which is why a mindful wardrobe is essential.

A mindful wardrobe is similar to a capsule wardrobe. While a capsule wardrobe is a collection of outfits that can be mixed and matched together, a mindful wardrobe is a capsule wardrobe with a purpose. A mindful wardrobe isn’t just functional. It also brings value to your everyday life. A mindful wardrobe helps you find pleasure in your daily activities as well as builds your self-confidence.

Benefits of a Mindful Wardrobe

· It makes your everyday life pleasurable

Do you know that a feel-good outfit can be the motivation you need to go to work daily? When you create a wardrobe that caters to your daily needs, looks good and feels good, you will step out of your house feeling happy and looking forward to what the day brings. And when you return home from work, a nice fancy nightdress instead of an old and worn pajama will also make you feel great when sleeping. This adds pleasure to your daily activities, keeping you content and confident.

Action Step: Replace merely functional items with items that make you excited about your normal everyday life. For example, old clothes that don't necessary look nice and therefore you only wear them at home, replace them with simple, nice and yet comfortable clothes. This will increase your productivity at home.

· It helps you save time

One major benefit of a mindful wardrobe is that it saves time. Each morning you won’t have to go through the stress of putting outfits together. Instead, you will already have a collection of your best outfits waiting. A mindful wardrobe is as efficient as it is expressive.

Action Step: Identify items that are difficult to mix and match and decide what do you want to do with them. You have two choices: eliminate them or invest in items that you can match them with. If you can not decide what to do with them yet, put them aside so they don't waste your valuable time.

Three Helpful Steps To Creating A Mindful Wardrobe

· Identify your weekly routines and how to improve them

The first step to creating a mindful wardrobe is to identify your weekly routines. Ask yourself following questions:

1. What are your working hours and what kind of clothes will boost both your productivity and confidence?

2. What do you do to recharge on the weekends and what would you like to wear to these occasions?

3. What kind of new exciting activities you want to start doing to upgrade your quality of life?

The answer to these questions will help you understand your routines as well as the kind of clothes you will need in your mindful wardrobe. The aim here is to get functional outfits that will make your everyday life exciting. If you find your current routines are not bringing you joy, explore new activities you can do that makes you happy.

For example, start planning a date night with your significant other once every two weeks

or once a month.

You can use this opportunity to dress up and have some fun, even if it is just at home.

Start by journaling your activities for the next two weeks, making a note of the type of activities (indoor/outdoor, informal/formal) to get a clearer picture.

· Get your measurement

Getting your body’s measurement before shopping will help you figure out which blouse, skirt, pants or dress will fit your body. This step is important because sometimes we see clothes on models and mannequins and assume it will fit only to purchase it and find out it doesn’t.

Finding out your body’s measurement also helps you understand your body shape. Your body shape determines the type of outfits that will look good on you. And you need this information to create a mindful wardrobe because a mindful wardrobe is a wardrobe created to make you look and feel good.

Read about the different types of body shapes:

So learn your body shape to make sure you don’t purchase clothes that will defeat this purpose. We will cover more about this topic in the upcoming post, make sure to subscribe so you won't miss it!

· Make a list and create a budget for your purchase

After carrying out the first two steps, the final step is to make a list of outfits you’ve decided you need. At the top of this list should be work outfits since they take up most of your time. Next should be outfits for weekend activities, and then you can add outfits you wear at home and other essential items.

After making a list of outfits you would love to have, remind yourself that there is no rush. To make the perfect mindful wardrobe you need items that you love (clothes, shoes, and accessories that you feel beautiful and ready to step out each day).

Example of Budgeting Your Next Purchase

Budget: CHF 650

What I can afford with this budget: High quality versatile dress, high quality trousers, a nice top.

What I still need to buy: A good pleated skirt for autumn/winter, white t-shirt and a good quality coat.

How much do I need to save for this: CHF 700

So make sure you don’t feel pressured to buy items you don’t like. Also, go for quality outfits and not quality. Once you have this list settled, create a budget and start shopping!

Bottom Line

The process of creating a mindful wardrobe is exciting and, in a way, therapeutic. So don’t fret over it being too much work. Chances are that you will quickly come to love the process of creating something so special and unique for yourself.

We will talk more about mindful wardrobe to help you live your best live, make sure to subscribe so you won't miss it!