6 Easy Steps to Mindfully Decorate Your Home

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

"Mindful home decor isn't a specific decor style, nor is it a minimalistic or luxurious home decor. It's instead about your attitude, treating your home environment more authentically and sincerely as a grown-up" - Si from Lifestyle-Si

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About The Author

Sungeun founded her own interior & lifestyle design studio, lifestyle Si, in 2014.

Through lifestyle Si, she helps modern-day aspiring, and busy people live their dream lifestyle by designing tasteful and inspiring spaces so that they can drive their life in the right direction. Besides, she shares messages and tools for living a poetic lifestyle to elevate everyday life.


When it comes to a lifestyle that affects the quality of life, we can consider food, clothing, and shelter. Shelter, in other words home, is often considered the highest level of elements that composes the big picture of our lifestyle. When you have been building your mindful wardrobe and nourishing yourself with a positive eating habit, you'll naturally think of cultivating your home and lifestyle together to the next level. Then, where can we start?

Introduction to Mindful Home Decor

Mindful home decor isn't a specific decor style, nor is it a minimalistic or luxurious home decor. It's instead about your attitude, treating your home environment more authentically and sincerely as a grown-up. In this digital world, we are sometimes exposed to too much well-curated, commercial content, even on social platforms. Getting a proper amount of inspiration brings us positive energy, but we need to consume that polished content consciously. In terms of home decoration, we're easily trapped by FOMO and comparison. We could feel left behind, and tend to shop spotlight items without deep consideration. However, I can tell you one truth from my experience. When I prepared photo shooting for magazine-worthy homes, I rented tons of props, and created scenes right before shooting while behind the camera was totally messed up! So, stop comparing your home with other homes in magazines.

Mindful Home Decor Approach 

Creating YOUR home that reflects who you are can take time, money, and effort. So, we can approach it with a long term vision and consider this process as a cultivation and part of self-development. Don't be rushed but build your home with your own unique story over time. You don't need to be under the pressure of inviting people and caring about what people think. A well-organized, cleaned house with a pleasant scent and fresh flowers is good enough to welcome your loved ones. Your attitude, how you greet people, and making them feel comfortable is more crucial.

You can download this FREE Mindful Home Decor Workbook to help you get the best out of this activity.

Action Step 1. Simplify

Simplicity, more sanity in your home and life.

Sometimes, we tend to own too many meaningless things with emotional excess. 

Ask yourself,

'Does this spark joy?'

'Does this have a function that I need?'

'Does this remind me of my loved one or a special moment?'

If something isn't functional, aesthetically pleasing, nor has a story, why do you keep it? You might feel guilty of letting go of it because you got it as a gift. Shift your mindset; it already did its job well, which was to surprise you and make you happy.

Be a curator of your home, and start off by filling your surroundings with things you love and which represent who you are. Always be more cautious about what you bring home from outside.

Action Step 2. Find your story

Remember. Your home is a one-of-a-kind place.

Ask yourself how you want your home to feel and how you want to live. Creating your home environment and controlling your mood can be your privilege. Your home is the place that helps you live your best life, so it should contain your wants and needs, not others'. There is no one right answer for home design. Home decor choices are limitless, and with combinations, it'll be even more so. Your goal is to create YOUR home that is aesthetic and also comfortable for you. Writing down your dream lifestyle will help you find your home decor direction.

So, let's talk more about how to do it from now on. 

Action Step 3. Hone your aesthetic sense

Believe your gut, educate your eyes through experience.

Planning your home decor is essential to see the big picture. But sometimes, you need to be more flexible and let your creativity flow. If something speaks to you, listen to it carefully. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and take risks because we always learn from mistakes and that's how we grow.

Also, you can put yourself in situations to explore new ideas from design books, movies, and exhibitions. You can visit unique shops, cafes, and restaurants, and even stay at design hotels when you travel to different cities.

Our home is three dimensional, and we feel it with our five senses. So, it's important to experience well-designed spaces using five senses simultaneously and catch all the well-considered details. That's why I still suggest visiting spaces in person, although you might thoroughly seen them online many times.

Action Step 4. Create a beautiful corner

Start small.

If you're not sure about your home decor style yet, start small or with what you already have. Rather than doing bits and pieces all over your place, try to finish decorating one room or even one corner of the room first. Play with scale, balance, and contrast so that you can create a more aesthetically pleasing space. Classic designs and designer furniture don't even bring contentment every time. Sometimes, an unexpected find from the local market or imperfect furniture made by your grandparents can be a treasure of your home.

Action Step 5. Explore new trends

Spice up with selected trends.

It may sound controversial since we talked about creating a unique story, but the trend isn't the thing you always have to avoid. You can enjoy it and refresh your home environment with it. Again, it's about your mindful attitude. Use it smartly. Through this process, you can also discover your unique taste and visual voice.

I suggest exploring trends with small decor pieces first rather than large pieces of furniture. For example, throw pillows, art prints, vases, etc. If you love that trend, then you can consider purchasing other pieces with better quality. What goes around comes around. Check out secondhand shops in your neighborhood. Sometimes, you can find unexpected hidden gems. Patina is a major bonus of vintage items that bring even more personality into your home.

Action Step 6. Go further and deeper

Ask for help.

Despite all of your efforts, you still feel lost. I highly recommend that you get a professional consultation to have a clearer visual direction. These days, you can find many interior designers who offer virtual or in-person consulting.


A home isn't built in a day. You'll have more benefits if you let yourself slow down and develop your mindful home decor over time. But, more importantly, love your current home and be fully present to find the beauty of everyday life. You can be more creative when you try to change little things to elevate your home and life.

If you haven't, you can download this FREE Mindful Home Decor Workbook to help you start creating your dream home.

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