10 Energy Draining Things in Your Wardrobe and It's Time to Eliminate Them

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Energy draining is a state of physical exhaustion and depletion caused by cumulative stress from your personal or professional lives or a mixture of the two.

What is physical exhaustion or energy draining?

Do you often feel tired and exhausted? It feels like you don't have the energy or excitement to do anything in life? There can be a lot of reasons behind this physical and mental exhaustion. A simple explanation would be that we all tend to adopt energy-sucking habits. We often feel stuck and trapped in routine life and don't know how to break this pattern. Habits are the cornerstone of who we are as an individual. We are the results of our daily habits, both good and bad. You must include habits that will help you boost your energy and confidence. Life is anything but simple.

You never know what to expect when life is full of surprises. Life can be difficult sometimes; it can drain your energy both mentally and physically. You will feel exhausted and angry all the time. The effects are far more dangerous and began to appear in ways that are visible to the eyes. It's important to understand how much life has taken you through instead of conflating these signs with daily life. Try to find ways where you can eliminate these energy-draining elements from your life.

Energy draining is a state of physical exhaustion and depletion caused by cumulative stress from your personal or professional lives or a mixture of the two. People who are emotionally exhausted feel as if they have no power over their lives. A low level of energy induces lack of sleep, exhaustion, and decreases motivation. This persistent, stressed-out feeling will damage your mental and physical health. It is imperative to add healthy habits into your lifestyle that will allow you to remain focused and get through your daily tasks with more stamina.eliminate these energy-draining elements from your life.

How does it impact our daily lives?

It's natural to feel some tension and anxiety regularly, but constant stress will cause harmful effects. Lack of energy results from a long time of continuous tension, whether it comes from personal stress at home or work-related pressure. This long-term stress causes a lack of energy and confidence while influencing every decision in our life. Its impact can be very drastic and long-term.

Lack of energy or physical exhaustion can be damaging to your relationship. You get angry at people over small things and lash out very quickly. You will eventually be turned into this short-tempered person that no one wants to talk to. It is very exhausting and confusing at the same time. If you get 8 hours of sleep but still feel exhausted, then you need to look into your lifestyle and habits. Figuring out the root cause of you feeling tired all the time will make life easier for you. The benefits of incorporating new healthy habits into your life will be significant for both your health and wellbeing. These reforms have the potential to tackle disease and other health issues. They will also assist you with managing your time and increasing your energy levels.

Why Does a Wardrobe Clutter Have to do with Energy Level?

Clutter interrupts the flow of power, resulting in frustration and lack of energy, and exasperation. Declutter will help you make room for fresh energy flow and excitement. It will give you a new and open perspective on life. It will be easier to locate things if your closet is clean and sorted. The clothes in your wardrobe will be worn and loved by you. No more sifting through outfits you don't like in search of your favourites. Instead, you'll purge your closet and wear only the things that will keep your energy level high.

10 Things in Your Wardrobe That Might Have Been Silently Draining Your Energy

1. Items in particular colors that don't bring you joy

Everyone has their favorites color, dress, or shoes. Every time you open your wardrobe, you unconsciously reach for your fav pile of clothes. The rest of the stuff is just lying there in your closet, getting ignored by you. Clean your closet from the stuff that you will never pick as your daily outfit.

2. Items that you never wear but feel guilty of spending

Say goodbye to the item that you only bought because they look good in the magazine or in shops. Stuff that you buy just because they look good on others will never get picked. The reason being when you wear them, it doesn't look anything like the magazine cover. Even though you have spent a lot of money on them, it's time to give them to someone who will actually make use out of it.

3. Items that don't fit anymore and make you criticize yourself

If something that is not flattering on your body shape and makes you feel uncomfortable, just donate them online or maybe drop them off in a shelter home.

4. Items that are broken or have permanent dirt

Clothes that have a permanent stain on them are of no use; It is time to eliminate them. Now getting ready is simple, fast, and easy because you only have clothes that you enjoy, feel comfortable in, and fit perfectly.

5. Items that remind you of the past that you should let go of.

We hang on to objects that contain toxic energies all too much. Don't keep stuff in your closet just because it reminds you of someone from the past. Don't hold onto the stuff that will remind you of your past or unpleasant memories.

6. Items that you cannot mix and match

Get your wardrobe a makeover. Don't keep extra stuff. Just donate or give them away. Don't collect piles and piles of unnecessary clothes that don't even go well with other clothes.

7. Items that fit but don't make you feel confident when you wear it

Say bye to clothes that make you feel unwanted or not worthy of attention. You don't want anything in your closet that will make you feel insecure about your body. Only keep the item that will help lighten up your mood every time you wear them.

8. Items that are a gift from your loved ones but you don't really like.

It's nice that you keep your gifts protected, but what's the point when they are of no use. It's okay to donate gifts that don't fit you or don't go with your personality. You can always give them away or donate.

9. Items you have not to work for the past year

Clean your closet from the stuff that is just lying there and of no use. Stuff that does not suit you or worked out for you in the past.

10. Items that are "second best" in case you have nothing to wear

It's okay to have a backup plan when you can't figure out what to wear. But don't just keep stuff in your closet for the sake of collection. If something has not worked out for you in the past or doesn't look good on you, just donate them or give them to your friends or family. Don't keep stuff in your closet for the sake of keeping it.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is getting rid of clutter in your closet would help you get rid of any unpleasant or static energies. Cleaning your room gives you a sense of clarity and assurance. The more you know about your personal style, the easier it is to determine whether or not it is suitable for the closet. Line your wardrobe with things like this and get rid of anything that makes you feel self-conscious in your own skin.