Established in Spring 2020, PRISÉ Switzerland is a Swiss brand that brings effortless elegance to your everyday life. This new designer brand comes in a variety of Swiss made styles and luxurious Italian fabrics. Each piece is a signature monochrome item that can be worn in any occasion or as a versatile expression of taste while complementing accessories, ambience and fashion elements.  


Prisé offers minimalistic-yet-absolute character that is as enchanting to see as it is comfortable to wear. Its timeless designs have a modern appeal without committing to momentary trends or doing any less than conveying sophisticated taste. Each dress is handmade in Switzerland with the highest-quality of craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. 




Born in Indonesia, Priska Bruegger is a Swiss fashion designer with a lifelong passion for refining simplicity through handmade dressmaking. A minimalist at heart, Priska believes that quality over quantity will always lead to happiness and that a timeless dress piece allows a woman to be mindful of her comfort while looking and feeling tastefully poised.

Before arriving in Switzerland, she travelled the world and resided in countries including Germany and Australia, where her cosmopolitan experience provided much insight into international fashion trends and inspired her to craft precisely what the world was missing. 


Prisé is a collection of Priska’s very own design pieces made by her hand and with the help of private dressmakers whose focus is producing exquisite quality one dress at a time. Priska’s vision is expressed through a common element visible across her entire collection — achieving everyday comfort and a fashion statement of minimalistic-yet-meaningful purpose.  



Beneath PRISÉ Switzerland, the mindful wardrobe collection is created based on our most read blog in PRISÉ Lifestyle about mindful wardrobe. A lot of women have downloaded our Mindful Wardrobe Workbook and have shared their testimony from doing the exercises. As results, we present essential timeless pieces of collection specially made for supporting your day-to-day mindful lifestyle.


Through Mindful Wardrobe collection, we want to grant you items you can invest in and wear perpetuity, items to buy now and love forever. To provide you the most affordable price for its quality, we decided to have a lower markup than any other standard markups held by luxury brands. 


This collection is based on profound curation and solid co-development with our trusted manufacturer. Each PRISÉ Lifestyle’s item is ethically made in Zheijiang, China with a finishing touch in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Our manufacturer in Zheijiang, China is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified with a commitment of meeting the standard wage of their workers.

Beside our own collection, we also have beautiful pieces from our PRISÉ Lifestyle family. These pieces are made by talented designers around the world who commit to ensure their high quality standard and sustainability.